My cat Zorba has been suffering from urinary retention for 2 yrs now. In January 2011 when he was 6 months old, he had a neutering surgery.  20 days after the surgery, Zorba’s number of urinations per day dropped to about once every 18-20 hours.

The vet concluded the surgery was the cause. After a neurological exam, he assumed that Zorba must have fallen from some piece of furniture at home, injuring his spine, and thus causing the nerve that tells the bladder to contract and release when full was not working any more. The urine stagnating in the bladder then makes crystals that can clog up the urethra with the consequent need for an emergency unblock.

We have been giving him drugs and had to manipulate him in order to stimulate his bladder. The stress for Zorba and for the whole family was growing exponentially.

I am in Italy, and my practitioner here told me about Carolyn Osborn who specialized in working with animals, I agreed to a distance session for Zorba. The results have gone beyond my expectations! Zorba changed his behavior immediately. He is urinating spontaneously twice a day. Ten days after the session Zorba is urinating 3 times a day. He is more vital and eats and plays more. He is now less aggressive and wants our company again. Plus, my stress has reduced as well!!

I am happy to know that there is an alternative way to take care of my cat Zorba and the possibility of distance sessions is an incredible option!
Thank you Carolyn!!!
RB, Italy

Working with Carolyn has been transformational. Her uncanny ability to get to the root cause of emotional and physical issues has created profound healing on many levels, which has allowed me to move forward in a more healthy and balanced way. Carolyn’s sessions create both physical and emotional healing, and help to provide clarity in creating a beautiful balance of body, mind and spirit.

I inherited a lot of allergies, which I have dealt with my whole life. Every time Spring comes around I prepare for weeks, or even months, of feeling miserable, stuffy and itchy. After working with Carolyn for a few sessions I have noticed a dramatic change for the better!! This is the first Spring in MANY years where allergies haven’t been a major factor in my life.
I can’t thank Carolyn enough!!

“I started working with Carolyn in connection with my Dressage riding.

I had a big Dressage show coming up and wanted her to work on both me and my horse.

We did 3 sessions over a three week period: one on me, one on my horse Nimbus, and the last one on both of us together as a team.

I found that the sessions helped tremendously! I was much calmer and so was Nimbus. He has a lot of anxiety at the shows, and it definitely helped him to be much more calm and focused.

I also felt the sessions greatly improved the connection between Nimbus and I.

At the show I had one of the best rides ever, and now almost 6 months after we did our first session with Carolyn, the riding at home has improved so much, and taken my riding to the next level.

Every time I leave a session with Carolyn I feel extremely relaxed, calm and almost like I have pushed a reset button. This work helps me in all aspects of my life: work, relationships and my Dressage riding.  I Highly Recommend her!!

Christina Johansen/Nibus

Carolyn is a patient and attentive practitioner. She asks all the right questions and can really tune into her clients intuitively. I experienced improvement in my motivation for the professional project I was working on. My shoulder tension relaxed dramatically and my SI pain resolved from the work with Carolyn.

Thank you for the incredible BodyTalk session yesterday. The food reaction was gone right after our session, my thoughts were clearer and clearer as the evening went on, and I had a great night of sleep! Today I feel ready for a new beginning, and am so grateful for you and your BodyTalk work. Your sessions are powerful for me, covering mind/body links that are always right on the mark. Thank you again. I’ll be back for more!“


I have known Carolyn for about 16 years. She always have impressed me with her many talents, her dedication, focus annd desire to strive for “betterness.”

Carolyn is now channeling her radiant energy through the Bodytalk System. She is an amazingly diversified person, and I personally find her sessions to be both accurate and effective.

With her professional experience and life long affection for animals, she is also becoming expert at utilizing BodyTalk for their benefit.

Bernadette Rosenstiel D.C., CBP, Par.BP

“I was very pleased and surprised by Carolyn’s ability to holistically draw so many healing and affirming elements together. Carolyn’s technique combines Accunect, the breath, chakra work, BodyTalk, visualization and relaxation in such a profound way as to transform a physical and/or mental blockage into a flow of energy and positive movement. I was able to break my habit of forgetting my test pattern (during a show), and now I compete with a renewed self-confidence and enthusiasm. Carolyn is truly a gifted healer and a lovely person!”
Nancy Smeets, Dressage rider

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