Did you know the body has the ability to heal itself and bring itself back into balance? There are many things that cause the body to go out of balance including stress, environmental influences, emotions and limiting beliefs. Would you like to improve your ability to perform as a musician, athlete, speaker, actor, student, etc? Rid yourself of those annoying nerves? Push yourself to a greater level of consistency or higher standard of performance? Be at the top of your game?  Improve your results to outstanding?

Energy Medicine can help clear your fears, anxiety or stress, and improve your performance level and results. Many issues can contribute to a poor performance – past experiences, old beliefs, confidence issues, preparedness, fear of success, and trusting yourself. Energy medicine is the ideal way to clear out the blocks causing your problems/resistance, and help you create a new pattern of confidence and improve your results.

I'm also an accomplished equestrian, competing in jumping and dressage. Do you want to have a better connection with your horse partner? Work together in sync and thinking as one? How about getting both of you in top physical and mental condition? Would you like to get rid of the show jitters? Have you had a bad fall that now has you afraid of getting back on your horse or feeling comfortable riding again?

Energy Medicine can help you and your equine partner perform better at your next show or just enjoy each other’s company while riding.  Since there may be different issues for both parties, I address them individually first, then as a team. Find your winning edge and have fun being the best you can be!

Contact me for more information. I would love to answer any questions you might have as to how I can help you create outstanding results in your area of performance.

Coming into the medals finals at Foxfield for the first time ever was a very daunting experience for me. I did not have the years of experience of those that I was competing against to fall back upon, and it was really causing me some worry. I had major concerns about last minute jitters and my ability to focus in the moment.

Working with Carolyn helped me to channel my concerns and fears into a more productive and successful thought process. The energy work that we did together facilitated the organization of my thoughts and feelings into a cohesive and positive platform, allowing me to perform at a confident and consistent level throughout my finals. I felt in control of my emotions and confident in my abilities. With this inner sense of calm, I was better able to communicate with my horse, and consequently our rounds were very competitive.  I came away from this endeavor and the medal finals with a personal best, and a beautiful ribbon for my display case.
Thank you, Carolyn!

LBW Thousand Oaks, CA

My name is Lisa Del Mundo (Pembleton), barn manager for LionHeart Ranch and USDF certified Instructor.  My Arabian stallion, Jubilee WGR (aka Jubal) and I experienced a break through moment directly after having Carolyn Osborn do a session with us.  Jubal is quite talented receiving scores to 75% in Training level, however our inconsistencies in the show ring due to loss of attention have kept us from displaying our best performances through to First level.  We were headed to Region 2 Championships, with a show the week prior with another loss of attention throughout our test.  Carolyn worked with both of us separately, then  together and the result was phenomenal!  The moment we started our warm up he was ultra in-tune and perfectly on the aids.  There were no corrections to be made, we felt as if we were of one mind and one body.  The true test was if he could maintain this attention in the show ring!  With the judge’s comment of “Soft through top line allows for correct ground cover- Well done!”  He finally showed off his talents to win all three large classes under two separate judges over two days scoring 68% and 68.8%, his best scores to date for First level! 

Thank you so much Carolyn for bringing our energies in sync and creating positive energy for our partnership!!!  ~ Sincerely and with much gratitude,

Lisa Del Mundo, Agoura Hills, CA

As an agility dog handler, there is so much to focus on during your Agility Trial, (mentally, physically and emotionally) for both you and your dog. Would you like to take your Agility Runs to a whole new level? Improve the focus and concentration of both you and your dog in the ring? How about clearing out the nerves, anxiety, stress and distractions? Would you like to lessen the fears and traumas related to past injuries?

One of the great benefits of incorporating energy medicine into your Agility Trial preparation is that you can create better communication and a better bond between you and your dog.  Your dog may have his own stress, anxieties or distractions that keep him from focusing on you. Bringing that into balance enables you both to work better as true, equal partners. This also improves the trust and confidence you have with each other, allowing you both to relax and do your best.

To accomplish your goals, I work with you and your dog individually and then as a team.  You will be amazed by the transformation and improvement in your agility performance!!

If you are a performer who suffers from stage fright, excessive nerves, or memorization issues, I know how it feels. Do you have trouble taking auditions or just playing your best in front of an audience? Would you like to boost your self-confidence and get rid of the nagging critic in your head?

As a professional violinist, I have dealt with these issues for years.  I have received sessions on these issues, and it has helped me tremendously. Performing is supposed to be fun and exciting, which is why you are doing it in the first place. Let me help you perform with confidence like a star!

The wonderful thing about Carolyn's sessions is that they apply healing to all aspects of life. I came to her specifically to work on how to relieve stress, tension and anxiety when preparing for and playing professional symphonic auditions.
Carolyn's methods taught me how to focus on the most important thing during an audition: the music. Her healing practices helped me tune out all the external and internal white noise that can often get in the way of playing to one's fullest capacity.
Since Carolyn is a professional musician herself, she knows exactly what people go through during auditions, performances and other potentially high-stress situations. She teaches her clients how to identify specific stress areas in their bodies and teaches ways of relaxing - both mentally and physically - to relieve that stress.
I would recommend Carolyn's healing services to anyone who wants to learn how to relax and focus during any type of performance activity: acting and music auditions, solo and ensemble performances, screen tests, and even giving speeches in front of audiences.
Carolyn L., Professional violist and violinist, Los Angeles, CA

My performance anxiety manifested itself as a tendency to procrastinate and not get started when I needed to learn a new piece of music. Carolyn and her Energy work uncovered and exposed the old fears I had developed in childhood that were still unconsciously causing me to have a negative expectation about my ability to successfully learn the new pieces.  After a few sessions with Carolyn the old block was exposed and treated. It has lost its subtle but significant hold on me and I am now practicing freely with a much more positive and realistic attitude.
Leslie W., Glendale, CA

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