Is your dog/cat not eating very well, uncomfortable with other pets in the house, peeing in the house or scared of things/people? Do they have some minor aches and pains that are not responding to conventional solutions? Do you want to have better communication with and understanding of your pet? Would you like to improve that special bond between you and your pets? Do they have allergies or other environmental factors bothering them?

Energy medicine has a powerful, positive influence on overall health and inevitably creates a happier, healthier, more loving and affectionate animal/pet.

These are just a few of the issues that can be addressed with Energy Medicine. If you have animals in your life, you know how sensitive and intuitive they are. They really love and respond well to healing energy. It is non-invasive, painless and they adjust quickly to the healing.

Animals Have Faster Recovery from Acute Injuries, Surgery, and Illness

A session is not meant to replace your regular Vet, but is the perfect compliment to conventional treatment for many conditions. It is especially helpful when your pet is undergoing surgery or other major health challenges, as energy medicine will speed up the healing process. The whole purpose is to make your pet as comfortable, happy and healthy as possible on all levels.

Many behavioral or emotional issues in animals come from some type of stress in their environment or with their “person”. Especially if you have adopted a dog or cat from a shelter or rescue facility, you know they will have some memories or experiences that need to be cleared and balanced to help them feel better. By balancing or releasing these stressors in a session, the animal is able to get back to its healthy, natural state. It is also helpful to bring the new animal in harmony and balance with it’s new family situation, so it can fit in seamlessly with all members of the family – animals and people.

“I was very impressed as to the knowledge and intuition Carolyn had after only one session with my older dog, Macho.  He is at his age having all sorts of health problems, but one in particular that we couldn’t seem to cure.  After tests and an ultrasound, his vet couldn’t seem to see anything that would be causing him to go downhill so quickly.  Carolyn’s technique was able to determine that Macho was having his own “issue” about a bed pillow.  Not knowing what all this meant, a few days passed, and Macho almost died.  Suddenly, I connected somehow the information about the pillow and figured out he was telling me that he had digested in his gut part of his bed pillow and he had a sever blockage!  I treated it immediately, and he became instantly better within a short time!  Thanks to Carolyn, Macho and I are buds again!”
With much gratitude

Debra P.  Burbank, Calif.

“I scheduled a series of BodyTalk sessions with Carolyn after my dog Max had a stroke, what the vet called Vestibular Syndrome. Over a six week period 95% of his functioning returned to normal. I call it a miracle, she calls it BodyTalk.
AR Woodland Hills, CA

“I have an older female show horse that has back legs and hind end problems.  Recently, Tosca went through a major ligament and tendon surgery on her hind leg.  Carolyn’s “BodyTalk” sessions helped me tremendously in understanding where I could be of most help to her rehab and exercise program.  She helped to move through her body, a lot of “toxins” and “fear” that she had built up over the years.  By her communication with Tosca, she was able to target, for me, Tosca’s areas of concern.  This was helpful to me for possible additional veterinary treatment, and helped me to discover new areas of concern for her comfort and performance well being that I didn’t even know existed that she was carrying around with her.  She was able to communicate to my horse at a level that was not only fascinating but very informative and helpful.

I found this method of high level of communication very informative and very healing.  This in turn helps us all to help our animals better.”
Best of luck!

D. P.  Burbank, Calif

  • Emotional issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Pre or post surgery
  • Allergies
  • Health issues
  • Performance stress/anxiety
  • Release old traumatic experiences
  • Adjust to new family members (people or animals)
  • Pain and discomfort management

Is your horse sensitive to his food, surroundings or weather?  Is she prone to colic? Have you noticed he doesn’t not feel quite right, either in mood, feel or under saddle? Do you want to improve that special bond you have together so you are really in sync? Does he spook at things around the barn, ring or new places? Is she allergic to some item, substance or other environmental influence? Have you fallen off your horse and are now afraid to ride having lost your confidence?
These are just some of the issues that can be addressed with an Energy Medicine session.

Energy medicine has a powerful, positive influence on overall health and inevitably creates a happier, healthier, more loving and affectionate horse.

Energy medicine helps to relieve a variety of conditions in the horse: from behavioral, such as fear and mistrust; to physical ones, including chronic tension and pain.

Energy medicine is truly a holistic approach; it not only addresses the physical body of the horse, it embraces their spiritual, emotional and mental health states as well.

Energy medicine is a pure, non-invasive therapy; horses, who are animals of prey, both appreciate it and are deeply receptive to it.

Because of this non-invasive quality, healing energy medicine can offer hope for all horses, even those who are unable to tolerate being touched. All the work is done off the horse.

Acute illness responds to healing energy and it can cause rapid improvement in the horse.

Wounds heal faster. Besides dealing with the actual physical wound the emotional trauma from the injury can be released from the horses mind and body allowing for faster healing.

Some horses unfortunately have had debilitating injuries that do not have such miraculous responses to energy healing, but they do still show some improvement. These horses have a reduction in pain and an improved sense of well-being; horses that are quite lame will often stand more squarely afterwards and move off with more fluidity.

Energy healing permeates deeply allowing chronic tension that is has been held in the soft tissue of the body to release. As the defensive patterns of holding let go, the bones and their articulations are able to move towards their optimum relationships and the structural alignment of the horse improves. What had appeared to be conformational flaws, such as a horse not lifting through the chest or not standing underneath itself, diminish as the horse becomes more balanced. Since healing is non invasive this process occurs without force; without creating additional inflammation or damage to the body tissues.

Energy healing clears and balances the energetic and physical bodies. This opening up of the energy and physical channels through the Organ/Meridian system creates immediate improvement in the horse’s condition. This increase in the life flow of energy in the horse’s body strengthens their life force and allows for the body to continue healing itself over time.

In addition to the physical body, healing addresses the mind and spirit of the horse. The attitude and disposition of horses always improve as a result. Sometimes a problematic behavior becomes the main focus of a healing and after the session marked, positive changes occur.

Working with our horse is all about how they perform, whether it is as a show horse (jumping, dressage, eventing, western pleasure, etc) or just taking a trail ride or visiting a new place. Energy medicine is the perfect tool to work on taking your horse to the next level, whatever it may be. For more information see Enhance Performance.

Like many animals we acquire from previous owners, there may be old baggage and experiences that need to be cleared so that you can create the best partnership with your horse. Energy medicine can clear the old memories and traumas and help form a new bond, strong between you and your horse.

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